Dog Lake Marathon/Half Marathon 

Saturday, 10/18/2014, starting at 9 a.m.

Registration is open!


The Dog Lake Marathon (and Half), located near White Pass Ski Resort, is Washington's premier downhill run. This fall run is the most scenic certified race the Pacific Northwest has to offer and is scheduled in late October so runners can enjoy beautiful fall colors and crisp mountain air.
Both the half marathon (WA12035MN) and the full marathon (WA12058MN) have been USATF certified. The race begins at Forest Road NF-540 and US 12, Naches, WA 98937, approximately 1/4 mile to the west of the Dog Lake campground, eliminating the final loop on the half marathon. 
Directions - Kennewick to Dog Lake

130 miles (2 hours). Take freeway to Yakima. Take White Pass-Naches exit (highway 12)- drive through Naches. Turn left (West) on highway 12W and drive 32 miles to Dog Lake. Or, just map it with Google.

Also, here is a Google Map of the race.
Silver Beach Resort, located at the half marathon finish, 509-672-2500. 
White Pass Village Inn, near the race start, 509-672-3131. 
2014 Marathon Participants

# Name Sex Race Type Date Registered From
1Timothy B.MHalfJun 04 2014Seattle,WA
2Dan R.MHalfJun 08 2014Geneva,IL
3Matt R.MHalfJun 08 2014Geneva,IL
4Dani A.FFullJun 08 2014Grayslake,IL
5Robin B.FFullJun 10 2014Hillsboro,OR
6Stephen M.MFullJun 14 2014Richland,WA
7Keven B.MHalfJun 15 2014Lake Stevens,WA
8Matt H.MHalfJun 16 2014Naches,WA
9MaryAnn M.FFullJun 16 2014Seattle,WA
10Megan M.FFullJun 17 2014Yakima,WA
11Janice N.FFullJun 17 2014Selah,WA
12Spencer H.MHalfJun 22 2014Richland,WA
13Jemma W.FFullJun 23 2014Lacey,WA
14Jared W.MHalfJun 23 2014Lacey,WA
15Brian A.MFullJun 24 2014Kennewick,WA
16Jolene S.FHalfJun 26 2014Yakima,WA
17Julie W.FFullJun 29 2014Yakima,WA
18Kaytee B.FHalfJun 30 2014Yakima,WA
19Juan B.FHalfJun 30 2014Yakima,WA
20Lena G.FHalfJun 30 2014Yakima,WA
21Kathleen R.FFullJul 01 2014Sammamish,WA
22Katie P.FHalfJul 01 2014Yakima,WA
23Linda F.FFullJul 01 2014Tukwila,WA
24Sarah T.FHalfJul 02 2014Selah,WA
25Celia .FHalfJul 11 2014Yakima,WA
26Heather C.FHalfJul 11 2014Yakima,WA
27Jennifer R.FHalfJul 11 2014Seattle,WA
28Rachel G.FHalfJul 11 2014Yakima,WA
29Marisol O.FHalfJul 11 2014Yakima,WA
30Eric W.MHalfJul 12 2014Lompoc,CA
31Connie S.FHalfJul 16 2014Naches,WA
32Christian B.MHalfJul 23 2014North Bend,WA
33Brian B.MHalfJul 23 2014Newcastle,WA
34Danielle M.FHalfJul 23 2014Zillah,WA
35Colleen M.FHalfJul 23 2014Seattle,WA
36Maria M.FHalfJul 23 2014Seattle,WA
37Erika P.FHalfJul 23 2014Seattle,WA
38Layla C.FHalfJul 23 2014Burien,WA
39Kerri C.FHalfJul 27 2014Eatonville,WA
40Daniel G.MHalfJul 27 2014Eatonville,WA
41Patrick M.MHalfJul 28 2014Syracuse,NY
42Jennifer G.FHalfJul 28 2014Seattle,WA
43Katie I.FHalfJul 28 2014Zillah,WA
44Ned S.MHalfJul 29 2014Kennewick,WA
45Alden O.MHalfJul 30 2014Burien,WA
46Heidi C.FFullAug 02 2014Hood River,OR
47Ignacio M.MHalfAug 04 2014Yakima,WA
48Meredith R.FHalfAug 04 2014Bellevue,WA
49Alexis P.FFullAug 04 2014Renton,WA
50Loren A.MHalfAug 04 2014Kennewick,WA
51Troy J.MHalfAug 05 2014Ronald,WA
52Kelli J.FHalfAug 05 2014Ronald,WA
53Michael H.MFullAug 06 2014Seattle,WA
54Heidi T.FHalfAug 06 2014Seattle,WA
55Joe N.MHalfAug 06 2014Seattle,WA
56Crystal T.FHalfAug 06 2014Yakima,WA
57Carrie M.FHalfAug 19 2014Yakima,WA
58Preston J.MFullAug 08 2014Yakima,WA
59Allyson H.FHalfAug 06 2014Kennewick,WA
60Trever B.MHalfAug 11 2014Kennewick,WA
61Tracie G.FHalfAug 19 2014Yakima ,WA
62Mai P.FHalfAug 23 2014Yakima,WA
63Rachel C.FHalfAug 26 2014Portland,OR
64James P.MFullAug 27 2014Spokane,WA
65Danielle A.FHalfAug 27 2014Kennewick,WA
66Spencer A.MHalfAug 27 2014Kennewick,WA
67Emily L.FHalfAug 28 2014Spokane,WA
68Marjorie K.FHalfAug 28 2014Puyallup,WA
69Debbie S.FHalfAug 28 2014Onalaska,WA
70Cheryl Q.FHalfAug 28 2014Centralia,WA
71Anne H.FFullAug 28 2014Grandview,WA
72Jack R.MHalfAug 29 2014Yakima,WA


Past Results

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 2013 Half Marathon Results - 10/19/2013

 2012 Marathon Results -10/27/2012

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